Jigsaw Bag in Box aims to provide a high quality, reliable service with cost effective bag-in-box materials to breweries both big and small. We have nearly 500 beer clients from the North of Scotland to the tip of Cornwall. We also sell to breweries in Switzerland, Italy, the USA, France and Spain.

Jigsaw has over 30 years of experience in bag in box and sell filling machines and associated dispense equipment too. Our connectors enable you to connect a bag in box onto a beer line and dispense direct from a hand pump.

Bag-in-box is ideal for beer as the bag encloses the product and keeps a carbon dioxide blanket around the product keeping it fresh and thus enhancing the shelf life. This is dependant upon keeping the beer at ‘cellar’ temperatures, if you raise the temperature to say 30C then the beer is ruined anyway and the bag will burst, if however the beer is kept cool, minimal amounts of gas are given off and the bag does the rest. Jigsaw's 36pint bag-in-box system differs from its rivals because:

1) Our boxes are considerably stronger than those of any of our rivals and are able to cope with the rigours of courier delivery and cellar storage and dispense far more efficiently.

2) Our boxes can be stacked with 1000L on a pallet

3) Our bags are specially constructed so that they do not allow carbon dioxide to sit between the layers of the bag. This stops the bags ballooning and avoids dispense and packing problems.

4) Our bags do not let air back into the bag after dispense. Thus, they keep the beer fresher and therefore it lasts longer.


Our research suggests that micro breweries fall into two categories, those packing 'bright' beer and those packing cask conditioned ale. Our uniquely constructed bags work well for both applications.

The bag in box system offers many advantages over kegs to the small brewer. The cost of kegs can prove prohibitive, especially if they do not come back to be refilled.

Stainless steel kegs have been the preferred choice of the brewing industry because they are sturdy, re-usable and can withstand the high internal pressures. However, with sturdiness comes weight and high cost.

Dispense from bag-in-box is convenient as either the bags can be connected to a beer pump or engine or dispensed straight from the box. Jigsaw’s Bag in Box system is also recyclable and the cardboard box is made, in part from recycled paper.

Jigsaw's bag-in-box system is preferable to polypins and semi-rigid containers:

1) Cost - bag in boxes are 40% cheaper than polypins
2) Quality - beer keeps better in bag in box than polypins
3) Space Saving - 200 bag in boxes only occupy one meter cubed space
4) Brand - we can put your logos on boxes at low cost to enhance your brand image

Instructions for filling a bag in box

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