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Jigsaw products Bespoke packaging for the drinks industry

As well as providing bag-in-box solutions for all kinds of packaging and dispense problems within the drinks industry, Jigsaw also retails a selection of related products: like Bespoke packaging, taps and connectors. We have also developed a Perspex filling aid to simplify the filling process and avoid spillage.

Jigsaw filler

Bespoke Packaging

We can run relatively small quantities of customised boxes to client’s own designs. Generally, there is only a small difference in unit cost between custom and standard boxes, provided that the design is a single colour but there is a one off set up cost for each size. The print set up cost varies and is akin to asking “how long is a piece of string” as it varies depending upon design, number of colours, size of box, etc. The lead time for these boxes is generally within 4 to five weeks.

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