Jigsaw Bag in Box is based in the West Country and has developed a special relationship with small and medium cider producers throughout the region and indeed the rest of the UK.

We have over 20 years of experience supplying bag in box packaging, filling machines and associated dispense equipment to cider makers. No order is too small and as we stock eleven different boxes suitable for cider, perry or juice.

Bag in box is ideal for cider as the bags protect the product from oxygen, and if the cider is “lively”, our bags withstand the build-up of CO2, forcing oxygen out of the bag and thus extending product shelf life.

Bag-in-box allows the producer greater freedom than steel kegs, drums or plastic pins because the packaging does not need to be returned and opens new business opportunities for cider makers.

As a marketing support aid, Jigsaw offers a complete design and print service for cider makers who wish to customise their boxes.

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