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Jigsaw Bag in Box sells bags, boxes, filling equipment and other associated dispense kit to cider makers, brewers, wineries and other miscellaneous companies up and down the UK.

Jigsaw Bag in Box sell to the complete spectrum of customers. We may specialize in selling to small companies but we have clients who buy over a million items per annum from us. We also export to Ireland, Switzerland, Spain, France, and all over Scandinavia. 

Bag-in-box is an ideal solution for beer and cider as it enhances the shelf life of stored liquids. It can also be used for dairy, aseptic and industrial applications.  We sell from stock so lead times are short, normally a few days.

Jigsaw's stock sizes are 3L, 5L, 10L & 20L bags complete with their associated boxes, in either a generic print or plain. We can also customise boxes with your logos, instructions, bar codes, etc at a relatively low cost compared to labels.


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