Jigsaw Bag in Box aims to provide a high quality, reliable service with cost effective bag in box materials for wine producers and wine importers of all sizes. 

We have over 20 years of experience in the bag in box trade and also sell filling machines and the associated dispense equipment too. 

Bag in box is ideal for wine as the bag encloses the product and keeps a carbon dioxide blanket around the wine keeping it fresh and thus enhancing the shelf life.  Unlike other products, the system does not allow the passage of air back into the box or prevent dispense by allowing carbon dioxide between the bag layers.

We have been developing a bag in box system for wine over the past few years that provides more flexibilty than glass. Bag-in-box packaging for wine is the ideal system for pubs, restaurants and hotels allowing the retailer greater flexixbility over pricing than cases of bottles but still providing a top quality product with an excellent shelf life.

The product uses a bag that is contained within a cardboard box. Which is a lighter and more ergonomic method of transporting and storing wine.
The bag in box system offers many advantages over kegs or mini barrels to the small vinyard. The cost of kegs can be prohibitive, especially if they do not come back to be refilled.  These problems may be solved by using one of our bag-in-box systems for wine. 
The bag in box system also offers advantages when it comes to dispensing your product. There is no time consuming messing with corks or removing foil packaging. The bags can also be connected to a 'beer' stlye pump or many other dispensing systems. Jigsaw can supply all the taps and conectors that mamy be required.

The bag-in-box product also eliminates the problem of high costs associated with the loss of aluminium kegs or mini-babrrels.

We can supply plain white boxes or offer a comprehensive design & print service. Jigsaw’s Bag in Box system is recyclable and the cardboard box is made from waste paper.

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